Pure Balance Dog Food Review

Pure Balance dog food is a premium brand of dog food created by Walmart in 2012.

Pure Balance was created to strike a balance between the best possible ingredients for the most affordable price. Instead of having to choose between inexpensive but low-quality dog food and costly, high-quality food, Pure Balance combines the best of both worlds.

The brand’s product line is formulated for high levels of protein and nutrients minus filler ingredients like wheat, soy, and corn. Plus, it doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, or artificial preservatives that may other lower-quality brands rely on.

Pure Balance uses natural ingredients to help dogs of all ages to build lean muscle and live active healthy lifestyles.

Let’s take a deeper look at Pure Balance and what it can offer your dog. In this review, we’ll take a look at the flavors in the Pure Balance product lineup, the pro’s and con’s of Pure Balance dog food, and a thorough breakdown of the ingredients and nutritional content of Pure Balance.

Pure Balance Dog Food Product Line

Let’s take a look at the Pure Balance lineup of dry dog food.

First, it’s important to note that Pure Balance dog food comes in two formulas, grain-free and non-grain-free. The non-grain-free variety mixes a protein source like chicken or salmon with brown rice. The grain-free formula replaces the rice with a vegetable-based protein source like peas or lentils.

Having two different formula options is attractive to many pet owners, since some dogs may have special dietary needs or experience gastrointestinal discomfort after consuming grain.

Plus, some dog owners may consider grain to be a “filler” and prefer their pets’ diets to contain as much protein as possible.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s do a deeper dive into both the non-grain-free and grain-free varieties.

Pure Balance Dog Food (non-grain-free)

The non-grain-free formula by Pure Balance is their basic product line. Dry food in the non-grain-free lineup is a mixture of rice plus a protein like lamb or chicken. All of the ingredients are natural and high-quality, meaning your dog is getting a healthy dose of nutrients with each meal. Keep in mind that rice is a grain, which means this line up may not be suitable for dogs who have grain allergies.

Pure Balance non-grain-free formula is available in two flavors:

  • Chicken & Brown Rice
  • Lamb & Brown Rice

Both flavors are available in three sizes: 5 lb, 15 lb, and 30 lb bags.

Pure Balance Grain-Free Formula

The grain-free formula from Pure Balance substitutes rice for a non-grain ingredient like peas or lentils. If your pet has trouble digesting grain or has restricted dietary needs, they will probably benefit from the food in this lineup.

Pure Balance’s grain-free line up has an array of premium flavors, so even the pickiest pets will likely find one they enjoy:

  • Chicken & Pea
  • Bison, Pea & Venison
  • Salmon & Pea
  • Superfood Blend Trout & Lentil
  • Turkey & Sweet Potato

Products in Pure Balance’s grain-free line up are available in 4 lb, 14 lb, and 24 lb bags.

Pure Balance Dog Food Review

Pros of Pure Balance Dog Food

Like other dog food brands on the market, Pure Balance Dog Food has both good qualities and drawbacks. In this section, we’ll take a look at what makes Pure Balance stand out from the competition and why you should consider adding it to your dog’s daily diet. We’ll also discuss a few potential drawbacks that you should take into consideration before making the switch.

Good Value for the Price

Pure Balance dog food is affordable and priced fairly for the food’s overall quality. Plus, it’s cheaper than similar high-end dog food brands. Their standard formula foods are priced at $6.78 for a 5 lb bag, $16.60 for a 15 lb bag, and $31.88 for a 30 lb bag. Their grain-free lineup is slightly more expensive but still affordable and a good price for the value and quantity of food you receive.

Widely Available In Stores & Online

Pure Balance is available for purchase in-person at Walmart’s across the country and through the Walmart website if you prefer having your dog food delivered. Plus, it’s also available on Amazon which is a huge appeal to Amazon Prime members.

High-Quality Ingredients

All of the formulas in Pure Balance’s food lineup are made with high-quality, natural ingredients. Like other natural dog food brands on the market, the main ingredient in Pure Balance is real meat. Meats like chicken, bison, and salmon are natural sources of protein and ensure your dog is getting the essential nutrients they need to live healthy, active lives.

Be aware that Pure Balance still does use some “filler” ingredients to supplement the natural protein. Although the amount is not particularly high, Natural Balance uses chicken meal and beet pulp, neither of which are considered pure, natural sources of protein.

No Recalls Ever

Safety is an important consideration when choosing food for your pet. Fortunately, Pure Balance has an excellent safety record and has never had an FDA recall. Their spotless record shows that Pure Balance takes pet health and safety very seriously and doesn’t engage in risky manufacturing processes that can expose the food to contaminants.

Although the product is safe, it may not “agree” with all dogs. Some reviews written by customers have complained that their pets had digestive problems like diarrhea after consuming Pure Balance. Before you purchase a large amount of Pure Balance (or any new dog food), it’s a good idea to first feed a small amount to your dog to make sure the new food agrees with them.

Cons of Pure Balance Dog Food

Limited Flavor Options

While Pure Balance does have several different flavors to choose from, some pet owners may want more variety than the brand offers. Their basic, non-grain-free lineup only comes in two flavors: chicken and lamb. The grain-free product line has a bit more variety to choose from, including chicken, bison, salmon, and trout. Even with that variety, there are other premium dog food brands on the market that have many more options to choose from for pets that have picky tastes.

Not all varieties are grain-free

Some pet owners may be turned off by the fact that not all of the Pure Balance flavors are available in the grain-free formula. Not only that, but the grain-free options are more expensive than the standard, non-grain-free options.

Some filler ingredients

Pure Balance uses much less “filler” than other dog food brands, but their formula does include beet pulp, which some pet owners consider to be a cheap, low-quality filler. However, some pet owners disagree with that and consider beet pulp to be a healthy source of fiber as long as there isn’t an overwhelming ratio to the protein.

In addition to beet pulp, Pure Brand’s standard non-grain-free formula contains rice. Some pet owners may object to the use of rice as a filler. Although brown rice is known to be healthier than white rice, neither is a source of major nutritional value and may be considered “empty calories” by some pickier pet owners.

Closer Look at the Ingredients

Pure Balance has built its reputation on being the budget dog food option with the highest-quality ingredients. Let’s take a look at the ingredients list to see if they live up to that reputation. When you read the ingredients list, the first thing you’ll notice is that real meat is the number one ingredient. That’s an excellent start since many lower quality brands have cornmeal or another grain as the primary ingredient.

Here’s a breakdown of the top ingredients in two recipes, one grain-free, and one standard recipe. We’ve included each here since the ingredients will naturally vary quite a bit depending on which formula you choose.

Pure Balance Grain Free Salmon & Pea: Salmon, Salmon Meal, Dried Ground Peas, Pea Protein, Tapioca, Fish Meal, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Poultry Fat, Dried Carrots, Sunflower Oil, Potato, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Flaxseed

Pure Balance Chicken & Brown Rice: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Brewers Rice, Pea Protein, Poultry Fat, Rice Bran, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Dried Egg Product, Oatmeal, Sunflower Oil, Dried Peas, Dried Carrots, Whole Flaxseed, Dried Cranberry, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Zinc Proteinate, Vitamin E Supplement

As you can see, the primary ingredient is a natural protein like fish or poultry. However, the second ingredient down is meat meal, like salmon meal or chicken meal, which is used as a protein supplement. However, this is balanced with other healthy ingredients like dried carrots, flaxseed, and sunflower oil. Plus, it doesn’t contain any potentially harmful artificial ingredients like flavors, colors, or preservatives. In other words, it’s up to you to decide if fillers like meat meal and beet pulp are deal-breakers.

Now that we’ve looked at the ingredients, what about the nutritional breakdown? Pure Balance’s non-grain-free variety is approximately 42% carbohydrates, 23% protein, and 35% fat. A quick note about the fat; while 35% may sound high, it’s actually much lower than the fat ratio in average dog food brand.

Final Thoughts on the Pure Balance Dog Food

The Pure Balance dog food lineup is an excellent investment in terms of balancing high-quality, high-nutrient ingredients with an affordable price. Each of their formulas is designed to use natural ingredients to maximize the health benefits your dog receives. Plus, with a variety of tasty flavors like chicken, salmon, and lamb, there are quite a few options for your pet to choose from.

Although Pure Balance has only been around since 2012, it’s making waves in the dog food market by introducing a high-quality, natural alternative to affordable dry dog food. Overall, Pure  Balance has many advantages and strengths on its side. It’s budget-friendly, features a range of high-end flavors, and is widely available for both in-store and online purchases. However, Pure Balance may not be for every dog, so be sure to talk with your vet and feed your dog a small sample before switching over to Pure Balance. In either case, this article has hopefully shed light on the pro’s and con’s of Pure Balance so you can feel confident about making the decision to switch to Pure Balance dog food.

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