Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Will eating a banana hurt your dog? Is your dog hungry, bored or sick? Does your precious puppy lack nutrients? Well, these are some of the various issues dog owners happen to seek answers for when they notice a dog eating a banana. As known to most, Dogs are carnivorous in nature and meat is their main diet. Also, we get to see many ads from the pet food industry and veterinarians on what type of food should be fed to the dogs. Many of these ads always caution us of some of the human foods that could be unfit for the dogs.

Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Bananas?

The banana is one of the vast variety of fruits that the dog can eat.

They are safe and they offer many health stimulations for your puppy. The dog can eat and enjoy a snack while eating a complete balanced dog diet. Many veterinarians advise that one should not feed the puppy the banana peel. This is because the peels are hard to digest thus would likely cause blockages in the digestive system. Most veterinarians always opt for bananas instead of fatty, salty treats for dog’s health measure.

Banana Components health benefits

Banana contains a variety of healthy ingredients that improve the dog’s physique and cognitive mental system. Banana is a transcendent fount of dietary fiber. Fiber aids your pet’s digestion thus alleviating gastrointestinal complications. They also offer Vitamin B6 which is responsible for a working dog nervous system. Dogs are subject to injuries. Well, bananas provide Magnesium which promotes bone formation and heart health. Vitamin C contained in the banana offers antioxidant properties. Potassium found in the banana also helps improve the pets blood pressure levels and the heart rate. Last but not least, bananas offer manganese which is very vital in the activation of the antioxidant enzymes.

On what Occasion Can Bananas Be Bad for Your Dog?

Well, too much of something is poisonous. Well, uncontrolled banana feeding could lead to health complications for your puppy. Like most fruits, bananas, do contain high levels of sugar. Sugar in high amounts can result in gastrointestinal complications, obesity, and diabetes. Feeding your puppy high amounts of bananas could make your dog start to develop these conditions. It is best to regulate the quantities that you feed your dog.

Bananas have high fiber. Therefore unregulated banana-eating would result in constipation condition. One good key point is that you should never feed the peel. Bananas peels are not toxic; however, be wary of the peels as they are hard to digest.

How to Treat Your Dog with a Banana

Since we have already seen the benefits of having the right amount of banana, there are several ways that you can treat your dog with a banana snack. It is always recommended that you consult your veterinarian. Veterinarians can help guide you through the right amounts you have to give to your dog.

There are numerous ways that you can regulate your dog’s banana feeding process.

First, you may have to freeze the bananas. Peel and cut the frozen banana into small sizeable pieces. Put the frozen banana pieces on a clean owl and treat your dog with a refreshing breakfast.

You can opt to smash the bananas and proceed to mix them with the dog food. This helps to improve the taste of the dog’s food. To improve the mental and physical health of your dog, you can stuff the mashed bananas in a toy such as a puzzle feeder.

Online platforms offer a variety of banana treat recipes. Make sure to check on the favorites supplements that you can add to give your dog a healthy treat.

It is not safe to offer your dog a whole banana. You don’t want your dog to choke. As said earlier, feed your dog with a slice or two to avoid the gastrointestinal complications. A banana peel can be used as a soothing material for bug bites. Rub the inflamed and itchy skin with the smooth inside part of the banana peel.

Making a Frozen Peanut Butter Banana Treat

It is incredibly easy to make your dog treats at home. You can make use of the commodities in your kitchen such as yogurt, peanut butter and bananas. In the summertime, a frozen banana treat is an ideal thing to give your good puppy. The good thing is that the treats can stay for a long time in the freezer. Meaning you can take a day out, dedicated to the making of the banana treat for your particular dog.

You will need one large banana, peanut butter, coconut oil and plain yogurt. Start by peeling the banana then blending the yogurt and the peanut butter. Use small cups on the rimmed baking pan then make sure to use cooking spray. Fill the cups with the blended mixture. Proceed to freeze for 3 hrs. After then get the cupsicle and let your flurry companion enjoy.

Do ice/ Frozen Banana harm you Flurry Companion?

Many articles and blogs have warned people of giving their pup a cold frozen meal. We have all seen some dogs during the winter eat the freezing water. For a frozen Banana treat, people may be skeptical at times. Some people claim that dogs bloat after consuming a frozen treat. On the contrary, there have never been any reports on health complications for dogs after having a cold frozen treat. To cool down on the heat, make sure your furry pal gets the frozen banana treat.


It is safe and healthy to feed your puppies, dogs with bananas. Make sure to regulate and make the treats occasional. For the different breeds of dogs, its recommend that you seek the services of a qualified local veterinarian Avoid rotten and bad ones. Make sure that you get ripe bananas for the treat. Make sure to source for the different recipes online. It is true to say that such treats will tighten the bond you share with your dog.

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